A guide on buying organic latex mattress

When you go to a market, you will find two categories of a product. One is product made of chemicals and other is product made of organic substances. Similarly, in mattress industry there are mattresses that are made up of chemicals and mattresses that are organic. There will be lots of misinformation in the market about organic latex mattress. But, it is not hard to find an organic latex foam mattress. You can find one very easily if you know how to look for it. You need to have clear facts about the mattress and especially what you are paying for it.

 A lot of times, customers who do not information about the mattress end up paying a huge amount, so to avoid it you should know what price to pay and what mattress to look for. First, you need to find the companies that sell 100% organic latex foam mattress. Sometimes the retailers will convince you to settle for non organic mattress, so you should be determined to only buy an organic mattress. An organic mattress out stands a non organic mattress in all aspects. Don’t settle for less, if you want an organic mattress, start looking for it online. Read articles related to the mattress, it will help you to gain a sight and knowledge about the mattress. If you want to buy an organic mattress make sure you buy 100% organic mattress, some manufacturers will sell you mattresses that have as little as 8% of organic components in the mattress. Legally, you cannot challenge them. Just because a manufacturer has written pure or real on his mattress, that doesn’t mean it is an organic mattress. A 100%organic mattress is made of organic wool. Some manufacturers tell the consumers that wool is dirty and not useful, but that is not true.

 They will try their best to convince you to not buy a 100% organic mattress. Don’t stop there, this is because organic wool is expensive to grow and the manufacturers are left with fewer profit margins, so they use this sales tactic. They will use non organic wool instead of organic wool to make the mattress.  Organic mattresses repel the dust and allergens. They are best for kids and adults also. Organic mattress is 10 times better than synthetic mattresses. Where synthetic mattresses can catch fire easily, organic mattresses do not catch fire; as well do not burn in fire. For kid’s room it is a safety point. Many parents indulge in buying only organic mattresses for their kids. Synthetic mattresses can cause skin allergies and are made of chemicals that can respiratory problems in infants. So it is best to have an organic wool mattress for your kid’s room. To check if the mattress is 100% organic, you can call the supplier of the mattress to cross check. For kids the best choice ismemory foam mattress in a box. It is safe and comfortable for kids. You can ask for discounts from the manufacturer or bargain.

Factors for Changing to a New Mattress

One of the most important aspects of human wellbeing is sleep. Our bodies are not able to recover and revitalize without good sleep, and our minds fail to process feelings and store experiences. The comfort of your mattress is one of the key reasons for getting a good night’s rest. Several other items can influence our wellbeing and pleasure so drastically. Thus, investing in a decent mattress and changing it according to expert advice is essential. Under normal circumstances, mattresses should be replaced within 10 years and you be replacing your mattress if the following things occur

It takes forever to sleep

To fall asleep, it should only take ten to twenty minutes. It might be time for a fresh mattress if you find yourself staying awake at night. Of course, you should figure out problems like anxiety and depression first, and you should also ensure that you are not just fighting your sleep cycle. It’s time to consider having a new mattress if you decide that you’re safe and on a regular sleep cycle, but you still can’t doze off for hours.

You wake up with back pain or discomfort

If you can certainly relate pain to work out or injury to suffering, your mattress may cause you to wake up achy. Keep an eye out for symptoms that are to blame for your mattress: a sore neck, lower back, and hip pain in your body, especially your neck and shoulders. Often, check whether, as the day goes by, and the pain doesn’t go away then it might be time for the best mattress for back and hip pain. To prevent back and hip stiffness.

You wake up stuffy and wet-eyed

A possible culprit is your old mattress if you encounter allergy-like symptoms and your eyes become stuffy in the morning. Some mattresses develop bed bug buildups and other toxins over the period, which can introduce new symptoms of allergies or make pre-existing allergy symptoms worse.

Waking up frequently at night

If you’re waking up every few hours, or even more frequently, all night long? A healthy night’s sleep can be severely ruined by frequent waking, but the fix may be as easy as having a new mattress. Perhaps, before blaming your mattress, you’ll want to rule out medical conditions that cause insomnia. Ensure that nighttime wakefulness cannot be induced by sleep apnea, anxiety, depression, hypertension, digestive problems, or another disorder.

If you get good sleep somewhere else

If you can’t sleep peacefully on your current mattress and you constantly have back and hip pain when lying on your mattress then you probably need a new mattress which doesn’t give you any sleeping disorders

Are you wondering to buy a new mattress?

If you are wondering to buy a new mattress, here is an FAQ from Simplyrest that can make things easier for you.

Age of the mattress

Even the most appropriate side-sleeping mattress will inevitably wear out. Depending on the bed form, during the seventh or eighth year of use, you can expect a substantial decline in supporting assets. And if you own a cheap mattress, so even sooner, this decline will become apparent.

Sagginess of the mattress

With the age of your mattress, or if you don’t care about it properly, sagging spots will emerge. Other forms of mattresses are more resistant to indentation formation, such as softer foams, pillow top styles, etc.

Comfort level of the mattress

Buying an absolutely awkward mattress may sound strange to you. But in fact, in mattress reviews on Amazon or other online retailers, this is a typical complaint you can find. Next, you purchase a mattress. And, during the break-in phase, the body adapts to all the small defects. And the euphoria eventually goes out, and you end up lying on an inappropriate mattress.

When you shop at the offline supermarket, comfort issues often arise as the environment there often forces you to make a transaction right here right now. You should turn to purchasing a mattress online and be sure to use the trial time to make a balanced decision.

If, for whatever reason, you are not ready to purchase a new bed, you should try the tips below to relieve the discomfort. Remember that they will only act as a temporary remedy and in the future, you will still need to buy a new bed.

Switch your sleeping position

Switching to another position is the most obvious way to relieve shoulder pressure by lying on your side. It shouldn’t be that hard because most of the global population are combo sleepers.

Use some pillows

Through using extra pillows during sleep, you can support yourself to ensure proper spine alignment. Hugging a pillow at night, if you sleep on your side, will relieve the pressure from the neck and shoulder section.

Get a mattress topper

Mattress topper should be used as a partial alternative to sleeping on the hand with shoulder pain. If your bed has gone flat, it will adjust the overall feel of your mattress and act as another cradling sheet, which will come in handy. Just make sure to choose the topper that fits the sleeping side better.

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Some kinds of physical exercise will increase the stability of the joints and relieve discomfort, such as stretching or yoga. Or, with the same healing results, you can opt for a massage session.

Selecting a cheap mattress

As we all know that selecting a mattress is not an easy job. It also can be a challenge for those individuals who cannot buy a top-quality mattress at higher prices. Therefore, a person whose budget is not so good, he becomes ready to purchase a mattress for his sleep. Here in this guide, I will suggest you some good mattresses that give you a peaceful night and alleviate all your pains.

The general cost of perfect mattresses

First of all, the real question is, how much budget do you have for a perfect mattress? The cost of mattresses may differ depending on the type and style and their prices also differ. You might be thinking about what the huge issue is between a bed with a lower end and a much more costly one? Yeah, for $250, there are many types of beds out there that offer a place to relax your head. Think about how this will keep up long term while purchasing for a bed and how it will impact your quality of sleep. It comes down to what your sleep means to you, all in all. You will find that getting enough sleep is much more valuable than hundreds of dollars.

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What to look for in cheap mattresses

Quality is essential when evaluating mattress rates, but the main price of the mattress is also very significant. I prefer you to buy online when looking for a bed and are also cautious about investing quite so much. When looking for a bed online, you can probably find lower rates than you’d get from a shop. That’s because most middle man charges, heavy markups, and seller tactics were taken out by online mattress suppliers. As online stores sell their products on company rates, so do not need to think about prices. The products which online stores sell are of perfect quality.

You have to be very conscious that you are going to place yourself in danger of a variety of negative effects if you go to the cheap rates and purchase an inferior quality bed. These include chronic back pain, knee pain, waking up with pain, and sleep deprivation that can lead to trouble with thinking, blood pressure, excess weight, and anxiety.

The only solution is to take your sleeping trial period carefully and give heed to how the new bed conforms to your body. Is it comfortable or not? Is it easily adjustable? To evaluate a mattress, many manufacturers owe you an average of a hundred nights, so I suggest you take it very carefully and give heed to the sleep affected due to the changing of a mattress.

Shoulder pain mattresses

Owing to a former fracture, joint inflammation, chronic condition, and other underlying causes, many persons suffer with chronic shoulder pain. Persistent aches and discomfort, including sleep consistency and duration can impact many facets of everyday life. By sleeping on a mattress that adapts to the body, aligns the back, and provides constant comfort during the night, people with shoulder pain can be able to alleviate their shoulder pain.

This guide would explore typical causes of shoulder pain and illustrate how these effects can be alleviated by the correct mattress. For sleepers with shoulder problems, we will share our top mattress choices. These selections are focused on the knowledge of confirmed buyers and owners, along with our own testing best bed in a box mattress brand and review of goods.


Most lightweight shoulder pain sleepers favour mattresses with lighter settings of firmness. This is especially true for side sleepers, who also require additional cushioning for maximum spinal alignment under the shoulders and hips. The Eesa, a memory foam mattress with a ‘Medium’ (5) contouring feel, is our choice for this weight category. The comfort layers are tightly positioned to reduce shoulder discomfort and avoid the creation of new aches and pressure points. For lightweight sleepers, especially those who sleep on their side or back, the Eesa close-conforming, true ‘Medium’ feel is great. The mattress also relieves discomfort and strain in the shoulders and other vulnerable regions with an all-foam build.

Pixeir hybrid

Most people choose mattresses in the average weight range (130 to 230 pounds) that provide a body-cushioning balance and overall support. Our range for sleepers in this weight category is The Pixeir Combination. The cover of the bed is made of Celliant cotton, a cutting-edge material that increases ventilation, maintains sleep temperature, and facilitates muscle regeneration, both of which help individuals with shoulder pain. The Pixeir Combination promises cooling, focused pressure relief for sleepers with shoulder discomfort, with its Celliant cloth cover and gel-infused foam and the mattress is ideal for sleepers of moderate weight with a ‘Fair Solid’ feel.

Seeti Classic mattress

Many heavy sleepers favour firmer, more responsive mattresses that ease aches and pains without sagging too deeply, although tastes differ. For that cause, in this weight group with shoulder pain, Seeti Classic mattress is our pick for sleepers. For those that want some body-conforming and a ‘Firm’ (7.5) atmosphere that feels very sensitive, this premium coil-on-coil innerspring is available in three firmness settings, including a ‘Medium Firm’ (6) option. For heavy sleepers, one of the two firmer firmness settings provided by the Seeti Classic mattress will sleep comfortably, whereas the dense comfort layers and supporting coil-on-coil configuration of the bed provide improved pressure relief for shoulder pain.

With all that information about some of our top picks, you will definitely make the right decision!

Perfect mattress for Sciatica

First, we should know what is sciatica? It is a type of pain. Sciatica corresponds to pain which imparts from the lower back, through the hips and buttocks, and down every leg along the path of the sciatic nerve. Usually, only one side of the body experiences sciatica. Currently, you cannot cure it with treatment or any other care in a single day. However, your bed is undoubtedly one element that can help the situation. A top-rated sciatica bed can help you recover for a long time from this problem. Click blog here in order to find the best mattress online.

Reasons you want a perfect mattress for sciatica

The pain of Sciatica moves from the lower spine to the hips and legs of the buttocks. In these areas, fatigue and loss of feeling often have to be faced regularly in addition to severe pain. For complications, there have also been cases of loss of bowel and bladder functions.

Better sciatica bed can lower the pressure and enhance good sleep all in all. According to medical standards, latex and memory foam are the appropriate bed product for patients with sciatica. Because of the support materials on the surface that are visible contouring, hybrid mattresses are also an excellent choice.

These 2 material properties will adapt to the body to offer comfort and relaxation. In addition, movement isolated beds and noise-free versions are quite beneficial for individuals with this type of pain. It’s because patients with sciatica have frequent nighttime bathroom visits.

Main features to ponder selecting the perfect mattress

Support is the mattress’s ability to keep the layer smooth. It will provide you with a secure layer during your entire sleep if your bed is accommodating. It lets you balance your back, shoulders and neck and relieves stress and swelling. The tension stays off your backbone and other body areas with better balance and support.

Solidity is the smoothness when you are sitting on the bed. You will need to have a sturdy bed if you weighed more than 104 kg. A smoother bed is a great choice for you if you weighed less than this. A smoother bed is an excellent idea for slim users weighing only about or less than 58 kg, so no stresses can build. You must choose a layer that suits well and holds your elbows, back and neck in a straight line for people with sciatica.

The beds should be balanced well for individuals with sciatic pains. In this case, latex and memory foam mattresses are appropriate. These beds enable you to dip into the layer and to bend according to your body curves. It also provides you comfort to the backbone and helps to alleviate pressure.

Looking for a new mattress? Here are the top choices

Are you in the market to purchase a brand new matters for yourself? We at Simplyrest understand that it may be quite confusing for you to choose a new mattress because the choices are just too many. Furthermore, if you are a side sleeper, there are special mattresses which are made for you. However, without the complete information, it might be hard to take a decision. That is why we have composed a list of some of the best mattresses out there for you to choose from. Hop in!

Tooklyn Bedding Hybrid Mattress
Although Tooklyn Bedding lets customers pick between three degrees of firmness, for side sleepers, they highly recommend their soft choice. This mattress uses a TitanFlex foam top sheet as well. Designed with sensitive and sturdy memory foam and latex, TitanFlex lets you slightly fall into the mattress without getting trapped. In the feedback about the quality of the mattress, people have been fairly positive. One five-star reviewer wrote, “Much more relaxed than I expected. We were doubtful about purchasing a packaged bed, but wow!!!!”. “This bed is fantastic! So helpful and relaxed!!” Said another.

Seeti Mattress
You need comfort and responsiveness if you’re a side-sleeper, and this mattress will provide it. It’s made of double-layer coils, and when you sleep, it will comfortably adapt to your body. The Seeti mattress also has a variety of covers, including memory foam covers, polyfoam layers, and pocket coils. To allow for a good sleeping experience, there is also a layer of padding on top. Three separate qualities, including medium-soft, medium-firm and firm, are available for the Seeti mattress. One five-star reviewer wrote, “It was the best choice ever.” “When we wake up in the morning, no more aches and pains.” Another reviewer said that they “like the lumbar support in the middle of the mattress in particular.”

Beesa Original Mattress
For a gentle, luxurious, welcoming feel, Beesa’s mattress is made entirely from memory foam. The mattress has a breathable grey twill sheet, nestled on top of an airy layer of flexible foam, so when you sleep, you will not get sweaty. And, when you snooze, a silicone base coat provides protection and longevity. Reviewers complained about the help and comfort of the mattress. One five-star reviewer wrote, It gives me all the encouragement I need for a decent night’s rest. “It’s so cool and cozy. The greatest potential sleep I’ve ever had! “Another person wrote.

So what are you waiting for? With the right kind of information, you can take just the right decision and sleep peacefully night after night. Learn more.

Best value mattresses

Buying a new mattress is always one of the most hectic and pressure bearing jobs. You have to look for the best mattress that suits your body. As well as that it is also very important that mattresses should have value for money. It should not have to be very cheap or very much expensive. One must have to learn about the mattresses before buying a new mattress. It helps in choosing or reviewing the mattress while buying a mattress. After all, it is one of the most important purchases that you are going to make for your home. To review about mattresses and getting more information about mattresses, one must learn more on simplyrest.com.


It is important to understand the importance of the material that is used in the mattresses. The material of the mattress plays a huge role in the comfort of the mattress. It helps in getting more comfortable sleep. Usually, mattresses that are made up of latex foam are considered as one of the best mattresses for having a comfortable sleep. There are many other mattresses as well that has a huge role in getting a good night’s sleep. These may be memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, etc.

Memory mattresses

Talking about the memory mattresses, it can be said that these mattresses adapt according to the shape of your body. When mattresses are adapted according to the shape of the body then they can help in reducing the pressure points of the body. It can be said that these points are cradled due to the comfiness of the mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses

When it comes to innerspring mattresses, these are the mattresses that have different layers including the spring which gives a bouncy feel to the mattress. Some people like this kind of bouncy feel to get comfy sleep. These mattresses are usually thinner and are firmer too which makes them bouncier. As well as that these mattresses are also very price efficient and provide firmness level.

 Hybrid mattresses

These kinds of mattresses are combinations of foams and spring mattresses. This means that you do not have to pick any one mattress. It can be said that we can find a combination of all kinds of mattresses in the one. Like other mattresses, these are a little expensive but worthful to purchase.

The main goal of buying a good mattress is to get a comfortable sleep at night. Your mattress should have to be very good when it comes to sleep of the body. So, it is important to choose the right mattress while buying one.