Do you want to take creative photos at home but don’t know how or where to start? Here are 4 tips and secrets from some popular content creators . At the end of this post, we bet that you will go straight to create unbeatable photographs for your Instagram .

1. The ideal spot at home? Let your imagination explode

On the living room sofa, on the bed in your room, on the dining room chair … even in the bathtub! Any place in your house can become a good creative spot to take pictures . Just let yourself be carried away by your ingenuity and we bet that the result will be unmatched.

Our tip : always complement your photo with plants or creative materials that you already have at home. Some photographers use different colored sheets or card stock to create a solid background with a professional look. 

2. Do you need lighting? Come to a window!

Repeat after us: no need to have an expensive lighting set! Sunlight is free and always works in your favor . If you are at home, the most obvious thing is to approach a window, but if you have a patio, terrace, balcony or roof terrace, they are also cool places to take good photos.

Our tip : the golden hour is your best option. They are the last 60 minutes of sun during the afternoon and they create a radiant effect on our skin. Play with this type of light, you can create shadows or let the rays only illuminate part of the face . 

3. Don’t you have someone to take pictures of you? Tripod, selfie stick and timer, your allies!

If you are alone or alone at home, you can take photos with the help of a tripod or selfie stick. Don’t have any of these? There is no excuse, you can place your camera on a chair or table and set the timer so you can get ready.

Our tip : have you seen photos taken from above? Some content creators use duct tape to stick their cell phone to the ceiling. 

4. Do you already have your photos? Don’t use VSCOcam, edit them with Lightroom!

There are apps like VSCOcam and Snapseed that are popular for editing but they all end up using the same filters. Do you want to differentiate your photos so that everyone asks you where you edit them? Use Lightroom filters to give them the final touch!

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