What is visible through the camera. In this sense, it is fixed (it lacks movement), it is uneditable (except by means of digital resources) and it is durable in time , although with the passing of the years its materials lose quality and therefore the sharpness of the image.

Types of photography

According to their claims and the nature of the photographed object, we can talk about:

Advertising photography: 

  The one that serves as advertising or promotion of consumer products, whatever they may be. It is often the subject of digital interventions and other types of strategic “fixes”.

Professional advertising photography covers many fields, from still lifes, product photography, fashion photography, food photography, interior design, catalogs …

The first photographic advertisements appeared in the 19th century, it could be said then that advertising photography arises in the  interwar era, in the same years in which propaganda photography was born. The boom of these two types of photography arose due to the boom that both advertising and photography experienced at that time, however, it will not be until the seventies when advertising photography begins its journey until it becomes what it is today.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and advertisers know that. The commercialization of the products makes advertising photography a very important activity to be able to cover all commercial strategies, that is, the product needs to reach the public and be attractive and for this an effective image whose purpose can be the sale is required or simply relate the product to a color, to an image … characteristic elements that make you associate one thing with the other.

This type of photography is composed of two messages: denotative and connotative. Denotation does not admit gadgets, that is, it simply makes the product it advertises clear, while connotation appeals to emotions and seduction, which makes the product attractive.

Advertising photography differs from other techniques in the fact that it does not represent reality, it creates a scene. This means that it seeks to capture the ideal image for the success of the advertising campaign.

Today we bring you, as a sample, photographs taken by teachers considered the best in this field.

Fashion photography :

Fashion photography is a photographic genre focused on displaying clothing and other accessories. That’s the standard definition, and when we talk about fashion photography, fashion editorials come to mind: those pictures in magazines, often full-page, with evocative models and incredible looks. Publications like Vogue , Vanity Fair , or Elle , to name a few. But there is more. Let’s look at a classification by categories that can help clarify different types of photos. This is an article under construction that I will be modifying and perfecting.

Landscape photography :

The landscape photography is a genre of photography which aims shooting of landscape

It is, along with family photography and portraiture , one of the genres of artistic photography most practiced by amateur photographers.

A distinction must be made between the photography of natural landscapes and that of urban landscapes.

Among the great professional landscape photographers, we can cite: Ansel Adams , Yann Arthus-Bertrand , Franco Fontana , Andreas Gursky , Peter Lik,  etc

Scientific photography :

 The one that students of nature take through telescopes, microscopes and other tools, to show what can not commonly be observed with the naked eye.

Artistic photography:

Artistic photography is distinguished by its aesthetic character. It is this essential point that captures the attention of the public. It calls on the imagination and creativity of the photographer to capture a moment, a scene, a portrait, a landscape, objects with a stylistic touch.

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