There are more and more cameras and photography lovers on the streets, right? It does not matter with which photographs are taken, with a mobile phone, compact camera, reflex camera, etc… The important thing is that now we can document everything that we are passionate about. That is why today we bring you 5 tips to enjoy your cameras 100% and especially your photographs without losing your hobby.

Basic knowledge

You have to start with the foundations before building the roof, as they say … That is why it is necessary to know how your camera works, it is good to always carry its manual with you for any questions that arise when you are trying to configure any parameter of the camera. The camera manuals are usually small so that you can carry them in the same bag as the camera so it will not create any disorder to carry it, but it will surely get you out of more than one pinch.

It is important to understand that for a photo to look good you must have some knowledge of composition, exposure, shutter speed and aperture . All this seems that they are speaking to us in Chinese, but it is very easy to learn and it will surely help you improve your photography.

Remember that no matter what camera you have , the important thing is to know your camera 100% to get the most out of it and know what you can do with it and what you cannot do.

Know your Software

Formerly known as a darkroom for developing, now photographic processing software ( Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, etc … ) is the most important thing when dealing with photography, so it is essential to know your editing program well since he will pass all your photographs to be developed. Let’s say it is an essential aspect of photography today.

It is important if you have not decided on one yet and you play all the editing programs, that you choose one as soon as possible. Why? If you are using a little of each, in the end you do not learn any and for the record that it is not necessary to buy the most expensive software on the market, but the one that best suits your needs as a photographer and that you know that you are going to get the most out of it. performance.

Be flexible

Why always do the same? Do new things, don’t get into the routine . In the end, if we always do the same we get tired of it, that is why it is interesting to try new techniques, development and do everything in photography, keep in mind that photography is already invented and no one is going to criticize you for doing something today and tomorrow take a 180º turn completely changing the course of your work.

You have to constantly learn, you cannot stop innovating and continuing to study new ways of processing your photography. Programs change constantly and you have to try new things, but with your head… We don’t want you to leave yours for trying another program, just for you to know that it exists and that if it convinces you, you will learn it. Bear in mind that the world of digital photography is still very young and surely there are many changes to which we will have to get used to.

Learn from the work of other photographers

We do not say this so that one style or another is copied, it is simply good to know and learn new things to be able to implement in your own photographic style, it is one of the keys that will help you improve your photography.

Every day you have to spend part of your time looking at the work of other photographers, to gut each photograph (in a good way), a look, a light, reflections, etc. That they will help you when thinking about how to do your job.

For this, the most used today are social networks such as 500px, Flickr, Facebook or Twitter in which you can observe, comment and learn a lot every day participating in debates or even participating in the work of others to continue acquiring knowledge and above all so that know your jobs .


The key to everything! Yes, as you read. It is essential to improve every day, in our case we always carry a camera with us to take a daily photograph. For those who wonder what do I photograph? or How do I do it? Don’t worry, all those questions will do is block you … You just have to set goals, for example that you commit to taking a daily photo for a month , a 365 day project or any other project you can find on the internet.

All this in addition to practicing helps you to find out what your style is, that is, once you finish each project, collect all the photographs you have taken and look at them carefully, there you will see what you like to photograph the most (for this it is important take pictures without thinking about them beforehand, just photograph what you liked).

You already know 5 key points of the skills that a modern photographer must have, now it only remains for you to put them into practice. And of course if any of you want to give us more keys or simply have doubts, you can leave us the comment and we will clarify your doubts.

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